Business & Commercial Access Control Systems

Peace of mind can be nearly priceless. Whether it’s your home or business, you always want to make sure your property is protected. Thankfully, advances in technology now allow us to monitor and protect our homes and businesses even when we aren’t physically there. Advanced Wiring Solutions has a team with over 20 years of video surveillance and electrical installation experience. Based in East Alton, IL, our professionals specialize in video surveillance, programmable LED lighting, and home electrical service. We have experience working on both commercial and residential projects.

Unfortunately, many small businesses find themselves in need of video surveillance after an incident. Getting these cameras installed before anything occurs is usually a good idea. This will help you protect yourself, and your business. The same can often be said for residential homes, too. Homeowners find themselves wishing they had installed video surveillance after an incident. A preemptive installation could save you time, money, and most importantly, bring peace of mind. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and recommend options that make sense for you.

We proudly serve East Alton, IL’s surrounding areas, including:

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