Low Voltage Electrical Contractor in St. Louis Metro, IL

If you’re in the Saint Louis Metro area, and you Google something like “security camera installation near me” or “security camera installers in my area,” you’re sure to come up with a few different options. However, you will won’t find a better choice than Advanced Wiring Solutions, the low voltage contractors who are intent on providing superior service at the lowest possible rates.

We provide the following services:

Why Should You Use Advanced Wiring Solutions?

Advanced Wiring Solutions understands that security is more critical than ever these days. We know that homeowners want to keep an eye on their property while they’re at work or out of town. You can do that with security camera installation from the best low-voltage wiring contractors in the business.

The low voltage electricians we employ are highly trained, and we’re proud to offer a home security camera installation service that gets the job done right the first time. Home camera installation lets you see if your neighbor is stealing things off your porch or if someone is trying to break into your apartment or house while you’re at work. Camera system installation is how you can keep watch over your home to make sure no emergencies take place while you’re away.

Some security camera installation companies will try to overcharge you, or they’ll attempt to sell you additional products you don’t need. Advanced Wiring Solutions would never do that. We know that the average homeowner is operating within a budget, and we’re the security camera installation service that lets you protect your property for less.

Professional security camera installation means you’ll know when your kids get home from school or when someone drops off a package. You can have video of any porch pirates that try to snatch your Amazon package that you can then turn over to the police.

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