TV Mounting & Installation Services

Looking for a TV installation company who does TV mounting services and TV mount installation at an affordable cost in Bunker Hills, IL? Then look no more! Advanced Wiring Solutions has everything you need.

With the advent of modern TVs, setting them up is no longer plug and play like before. Gone are the days when TVs were brought home from the store, plugged into the wall socket, and you turn the antenna this way or that to get a signal. Right now, we now have flat panel TVs, smart TVs, curved TVs, and even folding TVs. We also now have TVs as thin as magazines, TVs as large as walls, TVs that look like a pane of glass, and TVs that get projected on entire buildings.

Unless you’re the techie kind of person, if you have a new TV, you’ll need some kind of TV mounting service. That’s where we come in.

We mount TVs of all sizes and shapes. We can install multiple display TVs. And we can install TVs anywhere. Whether your TV needs a standard mounting bracket or a custom fit one, we can take care of it. When it comes to TV mounting services in and around Bunker Hills, IL, you don’t have to think twice. Advanced Wiring Solutions is your best choice – period.

We serve clients and customers in the following areas:

  • Bunker Hills, IL
  • Edwardsville, IL
  • Belleville, IL
  • Alton, IL
  • Florence, IL
  • Granite City, IL
  • Springfield, IL

Whether you want a single TV or multiple TVs mounted at home, we can do that. So if you need TV mounting services for your office, we can handle that. Do you need TVs mounted in a mall, a shopping arcade or a commercial building? We’ve got you covered.

We are the best supplier and provider of TV mountings and TV mounting services this side of IL. No matter what kind of TV you have and you want to be mounted, we have the mounting bracket for it. No matter where you want your TV or TVs mounted, our team of technicians will mount it.

What sets us apart from other TV installation companies? Check in our name – Advanced Wiring Solutions. We specialize in all kinds of residential, commercial and even industrial wiring installations, network cabling, electrical installations, and other allied services. So naturally, TV installation and mounting services are right up our alley.

But it’s not just that. We don’t just let anybody mount your TV for you. No sir! We have certified technicians who do that job. When it comes to professionalism and reliability, no other company matches us in this business. Just imagine a licensed specialist coming to your house to mount your TV. That’s how serious we are about our service.

Not only that, we only use the highest quality TV mounts. Whether your TV mounting needs calls for a standard mounting bracket or a custom fit one, we can handle the job. We only use the latest technologies and top of the line materials and equipment for all our TV mounting services. We never skimp on materials. And we never take shortcuts on quality.

How much does our TV mount installation cost? Well, look at it this way. Considering that all our TV mounting services are done by licensed and duly certified professionals, and we only use top of the line mountings and mounting brackets, and all our services are guaranteed, we offer the most affordable TV mounting service in Bunker Hills, IL, and its nearby areas. So we’re not kidding when we say we’re the best TV mount and installation company with the most reasonable cost. We really mean that.

So go ahead and call us for a quote now. We’ll have your TV or TVs mounted in no time at all.