Commercial LED Lighting Installation

If you are looking for the best company and installers to do commercial LED lighting installation in and around Florence, IL, you came to the right place!

As more and more people move toward LED lighting from traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, companies and installers who provide commercial LED lighting installation services are also in high demand. Advanced Wiring Solutions is at the forefront of this change by providing reliable, affordable and high-quality commercial LED lighting installation services in Florence, IL and it’s neighboring areas namely:

  • Florence
  • Alton
  • Granite City
  • Springfield
  • Edwardsville
  • Belleville
  • Bunker Hills

LED lighting is up to 60% brighter than incandescent and fluorescent lighting, but uses up to 70% less electricity. They also don’t heat up as much or as fast so they typically last up to 80% longer. No wonder more and more business owners are switching their properties to LED lighting and choosing it over traditional lighting when they put up new buildings. We specialize in new commercial LED lighting installations, but also in replacing existing lighting with LED lighting.

We are one of the pioneering commercial LED lighting companies in Illinois. In fact, while most other companies were still busy figuring out LED lighting, we were already doing numerous commercial LED lighting installations in and around Florence, IL.

We don’t only do commercial LED lighting installations. Our company also sells and supplies the top LED lighting brands in the market today. We believe in high-quality service coupled with high-quality products and equipment. You can rest assured that if you hire our company to do commercial LED lighting installation for you, you’re getting nothing but the best.

Our commercial LED lighting installers are all licensed professionals. We employ only duly certified electricians and master electricians. Moreover, our lighting installers are also trained not just in the actual installation of LED lighting, but also in the efficient planning and mapping of lighting fixtures. In short, we don’t just know how to install the LED lights – we also know where to properly place them.

Using a systematic method we are able to plan out optimum placement of LED lighting for maximum utility. This allows us to achieve maximum illumination of any given space even with limited lighting units. This creates hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in savings for our clients and customers. It’s no wonder we are the most sought-after commercial LED lighting installation company in all of Florence, IL and the nearby communities.

Even if you already have existing lighting for your commercial building or commercial space, switching to LED lighting is not a problem. We can handle lighting replacement for existing installations.

And if you’re still in the process of putting up your own commercial building or space, this is the perfect time for you to contact us for LED installation. We can handle the whole installation process from planning, pre-wiring, implementation, and final testing. What’s more, you can be assured that the commercial LED lighting installation you’ll get utilizes only the best materials and equipment on the market today. No cutting corners. No shortcuts. Just high-quality service and high-quality materials all the way through.

As a business owner, just think about all the savings you can make when you make the switch to commercial LED lighting. You can save on lighting units cost because LED lighting is brighter. You also save on electricity bills because LEd lights consume less power. Not only that, you save on maintenance and replacement costs because LED lights last longer. So call us today, and let’s get working together.