New Home Electrical & Low Voltage Contractors

We are the best provider of new home electrical wiring at a low cost, as well as the best low voltage wiring contractor and company in Belleville, IL. And that’s not just a line – it’s the truth!

Advanced Wiring Solutions offers the most cost-effective new home electrical wiring service this side of Illinois. We can handle electrical wiring jobs for new homes from start to finish. If you want someone to create a wiring plan for your new home, we can do that. If you need someone to implement the wiring plan effectively, we can handle that too. Finally, if you need someone to finish off your home wiring to make sure everything works as it should, we can do it better than anyone else.

From pre-wiring to final testing, nobody does new home electrical wiring better than us. Even construction companies seek us out to do pre-wiring work for them. If big companies trust us, there no reason you can’t. We are your absolute best choice for all your home wiring needs.

Low Voltage Contractors

Low voltage wiring is an exact science. So, if you’re looking to hire a contractor to do low voltage wiring for your home, you need to make sure they know what they’re doing. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for a potentially dangerous situation. A significant percentage of house fires are caused by faulty electrical wiring. As a company that usually acts as a low voltage contractor, this is something we aim to minimize. We do this by making sure new home electrical wiring is done properly and in accordance with all regulations.

Our duly certified and licensed electricians and master electricians have years of experience in low voltage wiring. We understand the importance of making sure your home is wired properly. We understand that more than just proper care for electrical appliances, proper low voltage wiring entails protection for the residents of the house themselves.

Of all low voltage wiring companies in Belleville, IL, Advanced Wiring Solutions has the best reputation when it comes to new home wiring. Our numerous clients over the years understand that we treat each home we work on as our own. Thus, we always bring our A-game when it comes to electrical wiring installations.

We leave nothing to chance. We inspect every single inch of wiring and test every single outlet and connection. Not only that, we double check pre-wiring plans before we implement them, and triple check them once completed.

No other low voltage wiring company in and around Belleville, IL comes close to the kind of dedication and commitment we bring to every project and contract. We pride ourselves for being the best in the business. Moreover, we strive to meet and surpass industry standards when it comes to low voltage wiring installations and new home electrical wiring.

Pound for pound, Advanced Wiring Solutions offers the most reasonable new home electrical wiring cost of all providers in Belleville, IL. We are proud to say we never overcharge. In fact, we often sit down with our clients and explain the costs to them. We make sure they understand how each and every cent they spend works for them.

But don’t get it wrong. We don’t keep our costs down by skimping on materials. Truth is, we only use regulation-compliant materials with our new home electrical wiring jobs. We believe that the high-quality professional service we provide should only be paired with equally high-quality materials.

All the same, we only charge what we need to and we won’t make you spend more than you have to. That’s our promise to you. Contact us for a price quote on new home electrical wiring today.