Commercial & Residential LED Lighting in Springfield, IL

Your search for the best LED lighting contractors and installation company at an affordable cost in and around Springfield, IL ends here.

Advanced Wiring Solutions is hands down your first choice for all your LED lighting installation needs. And we’re not just limited to commercial LED lighting. We can also install LED lighting for residential purposes. In fact, we are the most sought-after LED lighting installation company in Springfield, IL, and the following areas:

  • Granite City
  • Florence
  • Alton
  • Edwardsville
  • Belleville
  • Bunker Hills

Are you looking to have LED lighting installation in your newly constructed building or home? We can do that. Are you looking to replace existing incandescent and fluorescent lighting with LED? We’ve got your back. Do you want to install LED lighting in a new building or an old one? We can do either one. Are you looking for a company to install LED lighting in your home or your office? We can do both.

As more and more people are moving towards LED lighting installation from traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, you can rest assured that Advanced Wiring Solutions will continue to be at the forefront of this lighting revolution. But, you can be confident that we’ll continue to provide the best service we’ve always been known for.

While most LED lighting companies were still busy figuring out how to offer LED lighting installation to their clients, Advanced Wiring Solutions has already been installing LED lighting to numerous clients. And we’ve held the lead in the industry consistently.

Whether it’s residential, commercial or even industrial LED lighting installation, we’re Springfield’s go-to company. We are known for having the most reliable, affordable and high quality LED lighting installation service this side of Illinois. And, we also provide high quality LED lights, fixtures, receptacles, wires, relays, and switches. We believe that the highest quality service we provide deserves only to be paired with the highest quality materials and equipment available.

Guess you can say that we take our reputation as the top LED lighting installation company in Springfield, IL seriously. And we intend to keep it that way.

We employ a dedicated group of professional electricians and technicians specially trained in LED lighting installation. This means we don’t just know how to install the lights – we also know where to properly place them for maximum utility.

We use a systematic method to plan out optimum placement of LED lighting to fully take advantage of it. This allows us to achieve maximum illumination of any given space even with limited lighting units. So you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in electricity bills.

Because of this, we are not only a top choice of private homeowners as far as LED lighting installation is concerned. Even construction firms, business owners and big commercial building management firms in and around Springfield, IL seek us out to be their LED lighting contractor. So, if we’re good enough as LED lighting contractors for big businesses, imagine what we can do for you.

The choice to switch over to LED lighting installation from traditional lighting has to do mostly with cost. While LED lighting installation costs are decidedly higher than traditional installations, the long term savings are nothing to frown upon.

LED lighting is up to 60% brighter than regular lighting, but uses up to 70% less electricity. This means even with less LED lighting units in a given space, optimum illumination can be achieved. Moreover, even if you decide to go for more LED lighting units you can still expect to consume less power and thus save on electricity bills. LED lights also don’t heat up as much or as fast, so they typically last up to 80% longer.

So much for LED lighting installation costs being higher, huh? So, what are you waiting for? Call us for a quote now.