Low Voltage Contractors in St. Louis County

When you look for “security camera installers in my area,” and you live in Saint Louis County, you’ll get back a few different results, but none better than Advanced Wiring Solutions. We’re the home security camera installation company that caters to businesses as well.

Security camera installation companies are not created equal. The home security camera installation service we provide comes with:

  • Our guarantee that your cameras will work perfectly
  • Low rates to meet your budget
  • Friendly, professional technicians who can answer any queries you may have

Low Voltage Electrical Contractor

If you talk to various low voltage wiring contractors, you’ll often find that they’re all about a paycheck, and they don’t care all that much about your home security. Advanced Wiring Solutions understands that surveillance camera installation amounts to peace of mind for your home or company.

Googling “security camera installation near me” often reveals a list of companies that don’t care about your family or coworkers’ safety. Camera system installation from Advanced Wiring Solutions is different.

The low-voltage electricians we hire are genuine industry experts who never even get to the home camera installation phase without carefully assessing your house or apartment’s points of ingress and egress. With us, you’re getting a low voltage installation company that cares about what happens to every one of our clients.

Surveillance Camera Installations

Professional security camera installation will give you the peace of mind you’ve never had before. The home security camera installation service we provide will let you go out of town with total confidence, knowing that you can always check your camera to see what’s happening on and around your property.

Our security camera installation service does not cost as much as you might expect, and the very fact that potential thieves will see these cameras on your property acts as a deterrent. Package thieves are a lot more likely to leave your UPS or Amazon delivery alone if they see a camera pointed straight at your porch.

Protect your family, property, or business by contacting us today.